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Specialized knowledge alongside experience

Since 2013, Dejpaad has established its position as a leading, committed, and professional company in the field of security and network infrastructure to accompany any organizations, government institutions, and the private sector. All businesses, whether at the enterprise level, SMB level, or on any scale, are always concerned about the protection of their network and data, and only by knowing the safety of their data and network, they can take the next steps. Dejpaad company is a reliable companion for any organization or company in the process of business expansion and development by providing a safe development path.

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Being in possession of valid licenses and certificates

By obtaining the licenses and certificates of the Supreme Council of ICT of Iran, the Tehran ICT Guild organization, the AFTA, and the SAMTA, and receiving the rank 1 of the IT companies, Dejpaad has proven its competence to implement projects in any complexity and on any scale. The requirement to update the experts’ international and specialized course certificates and hold workshops, conferences, and training courses, has led to the empowerment of employees and keeping the technical knowledge level up-to-date. All of these, in addition to the implementation of the commitment contained in the organizational charter, have caused the projects to be implemented with the highest level of standard and benefit from the latest solutions. In addition to providing this level of service quality, Dejpaad company has taken steps to directly import the most reliable and up-to-date hardware and software products from original international manufacturers to complete its infrastructure and network security product portfolio.

The trust of customers is the most valuable achievement of Dejpaad

The customers’ trust has been the most valuable achievement of Dejpaad company until today. Relying on the knowledge, efforts, and perseverance of its experts along with the experience of senior managers, while supporting small or start-up businesses, Dejpaad has been able to gain the trust of many enterprise customers in banking network areas, ministries, government institutions, large industrial complexes across the country, etc. by providing the highest level of services in the field of security and network infrastructure. With a decade of successful experience, keeping pace with the world’s technological progress, and being committed to customer orientation, Dejpaad will be by your side on the way to progress.

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